Author Guidelines

The Fee Policy

Submission and publication in Journal of Biometry Studies is free of charge.


Author guidelines are explained below for the submission and publication formats of the manuscript, respectively.

For submission, manuscript text should…

  • be written in English.

  • be written by MS-Word in A4 size.

  • be margined 3-cm on top, 2-cm on bottom, and 1.5-cm on left and right sides.

  • include page numbers (bottom, centered, in Arabic style).

  • include continuous line numbers.

  • be single-column and justified.

  • be written in Times New Roman with 11-font size, except title, and 1.5-line spaced. Title should be written with 14-font size.

  • include the following pages, separately:

    • Title page with authors’ name(s), e-mail address(s), affiliation(s), abstract and keywords (Template_TitlePage), 

    • Main text with sections/subsections, figures, tables,references, and appendices (if any) (Template_MainText).


For publication, after the review process, manuscript text should…

  • be double-column, except title, abstract and keywords. Title, abstract and keywords should be written in single-column.

  • be justified, except title. Title should be centered.

  • be arranged as: Title, Author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s), Abstract and Keywords, Main text (Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion), References, Acknowledgements, and Conflict of interest.

  • be written in single-spaced.

  • be written in Times New Roman with 10-font size, except Title, References and Acknowledgement. Title should be written with 14-font size, and References and Acknowledgement should with 9-font. Line spaces should be as: 24-pt above&below for title, 12-pt below for author name(s), and 6-pt below for other parts of the manuscript.


The title of the manuscript should be informative and brief. It should not be too long or contain unnecessary words.

Abstract and Keywords

The abstract should be a single paragraph with a maximum of 300 words. The study rationale, objectives, methods, and findings should be briefly described in this part. Citations, tables or figures should not be included.

Keywords should be decided to optimize search engine discovery. They should be different from the words used in title.

Tables and Figures

Each figure and table should be cited in order of first appearance in the text (Figure 1, Table 1, etc.). Tables should be captioned at the top of the table in justified, while figures' captions should be given at the bottom of the figure with centered. Abbreviations and symbols used in the tables and figures should be defined in the text. Tables should be given without vertical lines and shading. Figures should be provided in TIFF or JPEG format.


Equations should be written by using any math editor (MathType etc.) or LaTex. They should be identified with numbers in parentheses placed flush with the right margin. Each symbol within equations should represent only one entity.

Units of measure

The SI (International System of Units) units should be used. Decimals should be notated with a full stop.


Footnotes should be avoided in main text. If necessary in text, they should be cited using superscript Arabic numbers and be given at the bottom of the page. In tables, footnotes should be cited using symbols.


The citations in the text should be given in APA Style.

  • Narrative citation:

Sakici (2020), Unal and Sakici (2020), Bayram et al. (2021)

  • Parenthetical citation:

(Sakici, 2020), (Unal & Sakici, 2020), (Bayram et al., 2020), (Sakici, 2020; Bayram et al., 2021)


The references should be written in APA Style.

  • Journal article:

Sakici, O. E., Saglam, F., & Seki, M. (2018). Single- and Double-entry Stem Volume Equations for Crimean Pine Stands in Kastamonu Regional Directorate of Forestry. Turkish Journal of Forestry19(1), 20-29.

  • Book:

Husch, B., Beers, T. W., & Kershaw, J. A. (2003). Forest mensuration (4th ed.). Wiley.

  • Chapter in an edited book:

Köhl, M. (2004). Forest inventory and monitoring. In J. Burley, J. Evans, & J. A. Youngquist (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Forest Science (pp. 403-409). Elsevier.

  • Conference Presentation or Proceeding:

Sakıcı, O. E., & Gulsunar, M. (2012). Diameter distributions of Bornmullerian fir in mixed stands [Oral presentation]. 14th International Fir Symposium, Kastamonu, Turkey.

  • Dissertation or Thesis:

Saglam, F. (2016). Constructing of above-ground biomass tables and developing of compatible biomass-volume equations for black pine (Pinus nigra J.F. Arnold) stands in Taskopru Forest Enterprise [Master’s thesis, Kastamonu University].

  • Web:

General Directorate of Forestry (2013). Forest atlas.


The funding organization(s) and/or person(s) who indirectly contribute to the study should be thanked. Corresponding author is responsible for ensuring that the organization(s) and/or persons given in the Acknowledgements agree to be named.